Living or Visiting in Quartzsite 

Quartzsite has about 3,600 residents in our small town that stay all year. I like to think of us as the “Sun Birds”.  When the winter season comes we have the “Snow Birds”.  An estimated 2 million visitors and 1000’s of RVer’s staying here.



We have so much going on all the time it is hard to keep up with it all.  I will try to help you find out just what there is to do here.  It might be finding the swap meets or a local grocery store.  If you have time there is always an organization that could use a volunteer.

Memorial Day Picnic In The Park 2015

Mark your calendar for Memorial Day Picnic in the Park!
Monday, May 25th starting at 3pm
at the Pavilion/Dance Slab at Town Park.

Some events are still being worked on, too.

FREE event for the community!

WANTED: IDEAS for fun events as in the past.

WANTED: VOLUNTEERS! Need help with some of the events, set-up, clean-up, etc.

WANTED: Non-Profits, groups, clubs, churches, etc. to add to the fun. Think: raffles, bake sale, free games, etc.

VFW will be cooking delicious hamburgers & hot dogs.

Post ideas on https://www.facebook.com/groups/QuartzsiteChatter/ and/or Contact Carol Kelley at 928-785-7187.  Also watch the Desert Messenger for more information.

Beef Extravaganza Fundraiser For The Friends Of The Quartzsite Food Bank

Had a great turnout at the Beef Extravaganza Fundraiser. Thank you to everyone who came. Thank you to all the volunteers who made salads, beverages, dessert and helped serve it all. Thank you to the young men from the local scouts and the LDS Church who helped us setup, serve and cleanup. Thank you to Lyle and Marie for cooking the tastiest roast beef (visit their BBQ stand at Tyson Wells). Thank you Kym Scott for donating the building. Thank you Desert Messenger, KBUX and Jenny for your advertising. This community ROCKS!

Quartzsite AZ Gold Show February 13-15

Don’t miss this show if you like prospecting, wearing or learning about gold!

Gold nuggets will be given away along with many other prizes every day!

Bigger and even better than last year!

Web page for more information for buying and selling. http://quartzsiteazgoldshow.com/

Facebook page for updates.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Quartzsite-Gold-Treasure-and-Craft-Show/1387820058128776?ref=br_tf


Who Ever Said There Was Nothing To Do In Quartzsite!

December 6th is going to be a busy wonderful day in Quartzsite!

Start your Saturday out by going to one of my favorite garage sales the Giant Yard & Bake Sale 9:00am at Covenant Lutheran Church

Shop for unique gifts at the QIA Craft Show from 9 to 1

Then go to the VFW 2nd Annual Chicknik BBQ 12-4pm at the Firestation

Support the Food Bank by tasting and voting for your favorite soup at the Soup and Chowder Festival 3-5:30pm at the QIA. Includes desserts, music and prizes.

Lighted Christmas Parade starting at 7pm ending at the Town Hall with cookies and hot chocolate.

Now end your night dancing at the QIA 7-10pm $4.


Silly Al’s Pizza Helps Out The Food Bank & You Save Money

Great idea, thank you Silly Als.

This is one of the first things I read today on Thanksgiving on Facebook from Silly Als.

December 1st we are having a food drive challenge for all the local businesses. For every 2 or more cans of useable food brought in we will give $1 off a food item. 1 per customer not to include any specials or already discounted meals. All of the food donated will go directly to our local food bank ( which is in dire need of supplies). For every 50 cans of food donated Silly Al’s will purchase a turkey to donate to a family on the food bank list. We challenge ALL local businesses to step up and help support our local food bank. After all can’t we all give a little bit more? Food challenge Dec 1-20. Thank you and God Bless America!!!

What a fantastic thing to do to help the food bank out.

SILLY AL'S Quartzsite 001

2nd Annual Chili & Cornbread Fundraiser

It was so good we ran out of chili!

We had a good turnout for our 2nd Chili & Cornbread Fundraiser for the Food Bank.

There was tasty Texas style chili with several different kinds of tasty cornbread and even a jalapeno cheese roll.

Several different types of homemade cookies and even brownies.

Young and old all turned out to help the Quartzsite Food Bank.

There was even a dragon blowing fire out front.



Celia’s Garden Spaghetti Dinner Was Attended By Many

Well that was fun.

Us volunteers worked hard and had a good time.  Some came early and some came later to help clean it up.  Our feet and backs may ache but our volunteering spirit is at an all time high.

If you have not tried volunteering at one of the many fundraisers and events going on in Quartzsite now is the time.  The next event I know about is Saturday at Tyson Wells for the Chili & Cornbread Fundraiser for the food bank.  Show up after 2pm and see how much fun volunteering can be.  Great way to meet new friends and find out what is going on around here.  After that on December 6  The Quartzsite Soup & Chowder Contest is going on and could us some volunteers starting at 1pm.

Well back to last night.  Food was plenty and the music was entertaining.  Here are some pictures to see what you missed and to remember what a great time it was.  Click on the picture to enlarge them and you are welcome to download them for your own enjoyment.


And more pics


Celia’s Garden Spaghetti Dinner Tonight Nov 18

Don’t miss dinner tonite at the QIA.

dinner flyer fixed



Have you been out to Celia’s Garden?  This is quite a place.  There are memorials of loved ones from Quartzsite.  It is a lovely place to walk around with many interesting items placed throughout to remember their loved ones.

This is from a web page that tells the story of Celia, it also has a list of many of  the memorials.

A community working together to make a child’s dream come true.  Celia’s Rainbow Gardens, located in the Quartzsite Town Park encompasses 8 acres of the 40 acre park.  The gardens were inspired by the dreams of Celia Winer, an 8-year old girl whose goal in life was to make the world a better place.   Her love of nature, her desire to save the environment, and dreams of people working together have been taken to heart by this little desert community.

All plants, trees, cacti etc. will eventually have identification markers, and educational displays will also be included along the trails…

While the Garden is still a work in progress, you may go out there at any time to look around and see what is happening. Visitors who have been there before will notice a lot of changes, and there will be much more done by the end of this season. If you have never been there before, please feel free to come out and see what can be done with many helping hands and hearts….

Here are pictures of Celia’s Garden on the web and there are many.

Donations can be sent to:

Celia’s Rainbow Foundation
P.O. Box 1297
Quartzsite, AZ  85346




QIA 1st Craft Show Of The 2014 2015 Season

Busy and not everyone is even back yet in Quartzsite.

This is the first show of the season and it was so busy.  The inside was full of craft vendors and many crafts and garage sale vendors outside.

One of the reasons we were there was to inform the crafters about the Quartzsite Soup & Chowder Festival Food Bank Benefit  that will be after their next show in December.  We were even lucky enough to collect some donation for the drawings from some of the generous crafters.

Here are a couple of pictures from the show.



Walk With The Past

So interesting.

The actors, our local town people, dress up as the people in the past who are in our cemetery and tell us about themselves.  This is one of my favorite events.  If you missed this you need to go next year.  I am always amazed at how good some of our locals can act.

This was a group effort, thanks to all involved, the Cemetery Board, Miss Dinice, all the actors VFW Post 769 Ladies Aux, Mark Church, Operation Hero Comfort and everyone. A special Thank You to George Wilson our Korean Veteran who came out in uniform and played the harmonica for us.

My camera’s setting must have got changed because they came out dark but I thought you might enjoy some pictures of the event.  There was a very good turn out by everyone.


Box Tops 4 Education In Quartzsite

We need your help! Each day you can enter to win extra points for our school Quartzsite Elementary School. Create a profile and enter sweepstakes for schools. Everyday you can enter without any purchase. Click the link below–> You can use codes collected from safeway and enter them here also.


What an easy way to help out our Quartzsite Elementary School.  Come on people sign up.

Need A Repair?

Looking for a repairman or woman?

I have started to compile a list of people who will fix your problem and any other information I can find about them. I have found many of these from Facebook groups.  Most of them will be from Quartzsite but if they are from out of town I will include the town.

I am not recommending any particular one as I have not had used most of them.    If I have I will leave a comment and I encourage you to leave  a comment if you have used one.  If you offer repairs or  know of any others please let me know either with the comments or the contact form and I will add more information about your service.  Any information that you can add to help people make a decision would be helpful.

I will be publishing this as a permanent page in the future.


  • Ken Hoffman 208-964-7670
  • Mike 287-7654
  • Absolute Mechanical 480-283-5163 Handyman Svs   — This is a recommendation from Karen

    I called Absolute Mechanical yesterday for my air conditioning unit,Phil Brown promptly returned my call.He was on his way to Yuma and when he returned to Quartzsite he came over at 8p.m.Very nice man,he got things going for us and returned this morning and finished up the job! I would definitely call him again,and recommend his services to anyone in need!

Carpet Cleaning:

  • M.D carpet cleaning Mike at 520-255-9081


  • Allan “ACE” Chandler owner of PC ACE Computer Repair, I have been here in Quartzsite for over 5 years now a few of you might know me from the food bank but most of you will know me from the salvation army seems like a lot of you don’t know there is a competent and trustworthy computer repair man here in town a lot of new faces are coming into town now so I just wanted all to know you have local support I have the lowest labor prices in town at only $15hr I have over 15 years experience and I am Microsoft Certified and also A+ Certified if you need anything just give me a call 208-293-7281
  • Quartzsite Wifi call Harry at 928-927-5592 Reasonable prices and really good!         A review I copied:  A few days ago I had asked for someone who worked on computers here in Quartzsite. Quartzsite WIFI, Harry, was recommended….I called him and am very happy with his service.
  1. RJK Construction 928-3455-6161


Golf Cart Repair:

  • Wild Hair Golf Cart Repair, Blythe, 760-550-0384


C&B Lock & Key 928-927-6589 Betty Crenshaw




  • Absolute 480-283-5163
  •  AZ Quartzsite Quality RV 928-927-3490

Roof Repair & Coating:

  • Mr. Cool-Seal,  Bob Ketcherside Licenced in Quartzsite  928-916-9812.  I have used Bob to seal my roofs and would highly recommend him.

RV Repair:

  • Roadrunner Maintenance/Mr. Cool-Seal,  Bob Ketcherside Licenced in Quartzsite  928-916-9812.
  • RV Proctologist Steve for holding tanks 928-916-1908  I have used Steve and can highly recommend him.

Direct TV Offer

This is a shameless plug for Direct TV.  If you are going to sign up for satelite tv I do recommend Direct TV.  I have been using them for several years with no problems.  They have a referral program that when I sign a new user up I get $10 off my monthly bill and you get $10 off your monthly bill.  This is good for $100 or ten months.

Use this link below.


October Is The Beginning of So Many Events and Fundraisers

The snowbirds have been coming back just in time for October events.

We had our first spaghetti dinner fundraiser at the First Assembly of God Church to raise money to send the kids to camp.  Food was good but it was the waiter and waitresses that stood out, several of the kids pitched in and were so much fun.

Chief Hess will be instructing the next CPR and First Aid Certification classes on October 23rd, 2014 beginning at 9:00am.  Classes are held in Parker at the AWC Tech Center, 1120 16th Street across from Parker High School.  Each class costs $30.00 and is four hours long. Both classes require 8 hours and $60.00 in total.  Space is limited. Call 928-927-6556 or 928-916-2864.

Oct 27-Sgt Xavier Frausto appreciation day at the community center at 7:00 p.m.
He has given us twenty years of faithful service. So let’s show him how proud and thankful we are that he chose our community to serve and protect.



Twice a year, Quartzsite Rotary asks volunteers to help with this endeavor to show unity and pride in our town.  We will be getting down and dirty picking up trash this Saturday, October 25th, at 8 AM.  We meet at the elephant tanks on Highway 95 and we spend a few hours beautifying both sides of the road.  Rotary will provide safety vests and trash bags plus a short safety talk so we all go home in one piece!

VFW is having a welcome back snowbird breakfast in a bag at the VFW parking lot. It is going to be at 8 till on October 25th. https://www.facebook.com/events/717528258328416/

Halloween will be a special trick and treat for the kids with lots of activities planned at the school, library and Al’s RV Park.  There is a very good article about the history of our Halloween and what will be going on this year http://paloverdevalleytimes.com/main.asp?SectionID=215&SubSectionID=751&ArticleID=20618&TM=33183.82

Nov 1–Walk With the Past by the Cemetery Board from 1-3:00.  This is so interesting well worth taking the time to go to this unique event.  If you would like to be an actor or help participate call 928-927-6593 and ask for Dinice.


Nov 1- First Craft Show and garage sale of the season at QIA.  Always so much to choose from.

Nov 5  New this year Farmers Market at Desert Gardens with homemade items also.  They are still looking for vendors if anyone’s interested please call Gail at 920 4929 800 spots are $15.oo.

Nov 8 – Rotary Days in the Park is a fun filled day with lots going on.  Watch for their flyers around town and list of events in the newspaper.

Nov 18- Celia’s Rainbow Gardens Annual Spaghetti Dinner at QIA with music to dance off all that food.

Nov 29-30 – 3rd annual Santa’s Workshop Arts and Crafts Festival  at Tyson Wells Showgrounds.  Call Business Chamber 928-927-9321.

Dec 6- Soup & Chowder Festival Benefit for the Quartzsite Food Bank.  Help raise money for the Food Bank and vote for the best Soup & Chowder around these parts.  $5 donation goes toward tasting all the soup & chowder and desert.  Raffles drawings.  Volunteers, deserts and items to be raffled needed.  For more information call Pamela Caskey at 928-927-6321 or 603-34-0647.

Most of these events are run by volunteers and they can always use more help.

If you have an event coming up contact me.

It Is Time To Start Signing Up For Quartzsite Santa’s Workshop Arts & Crafts Festival

The Quartzsite Business Chamber of Commerce is beginning to get ready for its 3rd annual Santa’s Workshop Arts and Crafts Festival that will be held at Tyson Wells Showgrounds on Nov. 29-30, 2014.

This is a really popular craft show and a great place to find unique gifts.

All items are handmade.

Spaces are only $25 and no charge for non-profit organizations.

For more information call the Business Chamber at 928-927-9321 or drop into the office (summer hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.). Or read the article in the Quartzsite Times http://paloverdevalleytimes.com/main.asp?SectionID=215&SubSectionID=751&ArticleID=20354&TM=38995.34